About us

What is PMG Partnership, what are our main goals and who do we want to address to?

Our business concept couldn't be simpler: we want to bring education to the future - focusing on students. We regard them as the most willing to learn new languages and to quickly adapt to foreign cultures. Moreover they are flexible as concerns travelling to foreign countries and staying abroad. Aiming at raising the general interest in lessons of rarely tought tongues, we try to fill the gap in the market and thus to support the international understanding.
The next step of our concept is defined by the work with international companies having expanded -and kept a main part of their own personnel- to one of the countries where our facility is located. We will provide our service to employees and managers to make it easier for them to ensure a good start in the new country right from the beginning.
Naturally we will provide different classes, all applied to the individual language level.

So to look to the future - teaching student and business classes - we will be the mediators of their bilateral exchange - on the part of the students to develop first important business contacts, on the part of the businesses to be able to take on new staff with qualification.  By being handed-out a recommendation of each of the students taking part in our program they will be well informed about their actual linguistic level and main strengths. 

We want to make it possible for every student across the globe to take advantage of our service.
Thanks to our sponsors we are able to offer scholarships and partial scholarships for our students. Don't hesitate to send in your application directly to one of our sponsors who are listed in our navigation or send your application to us and we will transmit it to our partners.

Pablo Alberti - Italy
 „Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged
bird that cannot fly.” - Langston


In the majority of cases when meeting people for the first time you are asked for your journey through life first. And it is probably by far the most commonly used description to tell about yourself - before characteristic or the view of others. But the people are right, your past and the things you used to do before reflect a picture of yourself and finally have made you to who you are now. That is exactly the point in my case, if I didn't do the things the way I did, I wouldn't be here right now and I definetely weren't the same person. I am glad to say that I don't regret any of my decisions I made in life.

I have always had the wish - or maybe rather the strong want to change something about ourselves, the attitude we maintain towards each other in a global context - in short, I want to change the world, to make the world a better place to live in for our future generations. And that's what I think we will reach with PMG in future.

Why will PMG work?
I am glad to have the two most marvellous and competent colleagues on my side who are already rather familiar with our target market and who have the greatest interpersonal skills I've ever seen. Together with my managerial skills and knowledge we form the perfect team!

                                                                             Maria Hernandez - Mexico
                                                        "Conventional opinion is the ruin of our souls" - Rumi

I am Maria Hernandez, 30 years old and I was born in Mexico but I grew up in Texas. I am definitely lucky with being raised bilingual but I know that learning a foreign language takes hard work. I didn’t speak any English word at my first day in High School which was a tough time for me but diligence and effort paid off so I made quick progress. After High School I decided to study business management with a major in foreign languages such as French and German. I always enjoyed travelling that’s why I went on a Euro Trip after my High School Degree and I instantly fell in love with Europe and its diversity.  My work as manager assistance for a couple of years was fun but not fulfilling and I always wanted to build up my own company to realize my dreams and goals.  When I met Pablo and Greta at the Convention five months ago we definitely had strong connections to each other. We all follow the same goals and dreams and share the same interests in business, travelling and in foreign languages. We are a great team and I am happy to be part of it!

Greta Svensson - Sweden
"Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets." - Nido Qubein

After my high school years, I started studying tourism management in Stockholm for 3 years. Going abroad in my 3rd semester was a really nice and grateful experience. I chose South Africa, because it is totally different than Sweden, than Europe. I wanted to be part of a different culture and another life. The people who are living there are so friendly because they live their lives with more passion and effort. I will never forget these months and I hope that they will be part of the way how I’m thinking.

I am Greta Svensson from Sweden and I was born on the 23rd of May 1988 in Tyresö, which is located near Stockholm. I had a great and lovely childhood with my brothers; our parents spent a lot of time with us for playing and talking. I appreciate this situation, because I learned how to enjoy my life with all the things that could happen. Furthermore I got to know how to handle correctly with money and that you have to work very hard for it, especially in such a luxury country like Sweden.


In the past years after having finished my studies, I was working as a stewardess at Scandinavian Airlines in Sweden. I love being part of a team and this experience meant a lot to me, so that I could choose PMG for my new business project. The cooperation with Pablo and Maria could realize my dreams because I can work with my new friends. Languages and other cultures are also one of my passions, especially since my semester in South Africa, and I want to help other people, so they can also get the chance to improve their lives.

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